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Book Review – Matters Most Macabre by Tylor James

Usually, when reading a collection of short stories, you know you’re going to be taking the good with the bad. Not so with this collection.

They’re all good.

I’m sure each person who reads this book will have their favorite (or two), but I doubt there will be anyone who actually dislikes any of the tales.

Come here for creepy towns in the desert, cursed objects, werewolves, mysterious shapes, glowing doorways, and a story which will remind you just how much you hate Hitler (I’ll say no more, you’ll just have to read it).

From the philosophical horror of a world without stories in ‘The Day the Stories Died’, to to blood and guts (literally) of ‘Godly Business’, to some justifiable but thoroughly horrific retribution in ‘Helga’s Helping Hands’ and ‘The Thing in Gregory Thornton’s Basement’, Tylor James takes his readers on a sometimes terrible, sometimes disgusting, and sometimes darkly humorous tour through his imagination.


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